Bags On Board Berry Refill 140 Count
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Bags On Board Berry Refill 140 Count

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SIMPLE AND ERGONOMIC - Bags on Board Dog Poop Bags are a proven solution for dog poop removal, containment, and disposal. Fewer moving parts than a complicated scooper, and way less gross than using your bare hands. FRAGRANTLY TERRIFIC - These bags have been impregnated with our Triple Berry Scent to mask unpleasant odors. If you close your eyes, you can pretend you're on a tropical island somewhere, rather than a sidewalk holding a bag of your dog's poop.
100% LEAK-PROOF, GUARANTEED - Strong and durable dog waste bags are thick enough to hold any mess AND dull your manual sensation just enough so you can pretend you're picking up literally anything else.

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Part No./SKU 866924
Brand The Bramton Company
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