Beaver Brand Equi-Lux Biotin 30 Hoof & Coat 40 lb
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Beaver Brand Equi-Lux Biotin 30 Hoof & Coat 40 lb

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If you are looking for the ultimate supplement to improve hooves and hair coat, this is it. Simply look at the ingredients included. In addition, it is a complete supplement.  Because of the special high fat (Omega "3" from flax seed) and high protein ingredients, this product, when fed at the recommended rate of one pound per day,  will replace two pounds of a grain. Please refer to our sheets comparing this product to others on the market and calculate its per day cost. You will agree that this is a superior value!

  20% Protein
  15% Fat
  6% Fiber
  30mg Biotin

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Part No./SKU 230535
Manufacturer EQUI-LUX
Brand Beaver Brand/EquiLux
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