Beaver Brand Equi-Lux Ultra Training Formula 40 lb
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Beaver Brand Equi-Lux Ultra Training Formula 40 lb

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This product contains all of the ingredients we use to keep horses in training. Each dose contains Herbal JT, Ultra Enzyme, 100 mg of Hylaronic Acid and a high level of Nutraceuticals which is currently being used to treat joint problems. If purchased separately, it will likely save you $10.00/per day to treat your horse. In addition, because of  the added extruded flax, rice and soybeans, you also receive a low carb supplement high in omega "3" and omega "6" fatty acids which support joint health. At the one pound/day feeding rate, we recommend you reduce your normal grain feeding rate by two pounds.

  10% Protein
  8% Fat
  3% Fiber

Bulk Pricing $139.99


Part No./SKU 230525
Manufacturer EQUI-LUX
Brand Beaver Brand/EquiLux
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