Beaver Brand Nutri-Lux Alpaca Ultra Premium 10 lb
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Beaver Brand Nutri-Lux Alpaca Ultra Premium 10 lb

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Our "top of the line" supplement for Llamas and Alpacas. All of our Llama and Alpaca supplements carry the same optimal blend of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, salt and zinc. The difference between all or our supplements are focused on levels of vitamins (primarily vitamin E)  and our technology package. This specific formula has the best price to obtain superior digestion of all feed stuffs as well as the greatest support for the immune system.

  10% Calcium Min
  12% Calcium Max
  7% Phosphorous
  19% Salt Min
  20% Salt Max
  10000IU Vit E

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Part No./SKU 251151
Manufacturer NUTRI-LUX FEEDS
Brand Beaver Brand/NutriLu
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