Beaver Brand Nutri-Lux Canine Herbal Health 1 lb
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Beaver Brand Nutri-Lux Canine Herbal Health 1 lb

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This is the finest product on the market for helping dogs suffering from joint pain due to hip dysplasia or simple old age. Hunting dogs have also benefited from this product as it eases muscle soreness due to over work. For hunting dogs, we recommend using this product 2-3 weeks prior to heavy exercise and doubling the dosage on days of extreme work. Because of its digestive and immune support ingredients, many dogs have had relief from diarrhea and allergies. Severe itching and hair loss have been problems we have also successfully helped, however our experience indicates that this symptom may take approximately 3 weeks to achieve the desired benefit. This product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you money back.

  30,000mg/# Glucosamine HCL
  30,000mg/# Glucosamine Sulfate
  75,000mg/# MSM
  545mg/# Hyaluronic Acid
  2,500mg/# Boulardii Yeast
  7,000mg/# N,N Dimethylglyicine
  545mg/# Calcium Ascorbate
  545mg/# Yucca
  1,000mcg/# Biotin
  10,000mg/# Magnesium Citrate

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Part No./SKU 806550
Manufacturer NUTRI-LUX FEEDS
Brand Beaver Brand/NutriLu
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