Integrity Clumping Cat Litter 25 lb
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Integrity Clumping Cat Litter 25 lb

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There's a place not so far away that is legendary in feline folklore. Its a land rich in natural wonders. An enchanting place of spiritual significance for our fine furry friends. Its a place of clear blue skies and fresh air giving way to a peaceful, quiet way of life. It is here, nestled at the foothills of the Bighorn and Pryor Mountains of Wyoming, that our 100% natural clumping cat litter is extracted. Its our pure Bentonite clay litter - clean and fragrance free - with excellent absorption and binding properties that makes cats purrr and their owners smile. Integrity Clumping Cat Litter fulfills every cat and cat owners dream - a cat litter that when exposed to liquid waste forms a well-defined clump that allows for easy removal of litter box waste and associated odors. Even after the moisture has evaporated, the clumps will not break apart during removal and contaminate unused litter. Cat owners too can appreciate the fact that multiple cat use wont break down the formed clumps when the litter box is shared. If youre looking for a cat litter thats easy and clean to use, and reduces tracking - youll love Integrity. Its 98% dust free! Last but not least, Integrity is economical and long-lasting. Hers why: When used properly, Integrity eliminates the need to change the entire litter box. Simply add more litter from time to time to maintain a two-inch deep level. This ensures that moisture will never reach the bottom so the unused portion keeps working. One 25lb. Bag of Integrity can then last up to three months with one cat. Be a part of the Wyoming legend. Bring home the natural wonder and integrity of 100% pure Bentonite clay to your pet

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